Beach Walk 648 – Personality Preferred

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I am reading a friend’s new book, “Personality Not Included”: by “Rohit Bhagarva”: He works for “Ogilvy”:, a large advertising and PR company, and when it comes to new media, he “gets it”: I met him at the “Vloggercon”: conference two years ago. I realized this morning that all this talk I do on Beach Walks about being our “oddball”:, unique selves, applies to companies too. Small companies and large companies alike think they have to play by last century’s rule book (be boring; don’t offend) – but that’s not true!

If you act fast, you can join the conversation between Rohit and Jonny Goldstein on “Jonny’s Par-Tay, a live internet video show”: on Wednesday, June 4th.

Hawaiian word:
KÅ«lana o ke kanaka: _personality, status_

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  1. Hey,

    Thanks for the mention, Rox. People can catch the show live tonight (Weds, June 4) at 7PM Eastern over at

    I’m looking forward to shooting the breeze with Rohit and digging into his thoughts about personality and how it relates to business.

  2. Aah. A breath of sanity. Check out ElymediaFrenzy today:


  3. So happy to discover you via generous Rohit… and I love your “personality plus” vlog

  4. Good ideas for today.

    Being true to yourself is the only way we can ever hope to achieve fulfillment in this life – not to mention the best way we can serve others.

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