Beach Walk 755 – Clothing & Anxiety Optional

Big Beach, Little Beach: clothing optional on one, anxiety optional on both! We are on a business retreat on Maui, staying at the Hotel Wailea, soaking up the Maui lifestyle.

We as creatures of God, a part of the Divine, have been incarnating for millions of years, yet somehow the discomfort for being a physical being seems to be dragged along with each generation. The refusal to dance for fear of looking or feeling silly. The great lengths we go to for fashion and food. When itʻs Halloween fun, great! When it drags us down or keeps us home, not so much. Here at Big Beach on Maui, with the clothing optional Little Beach just over the hill, join us for some beautiful scenery and breaking waves. Come roll in the pleasure that can be found inside your skin, once we get the mind out of the way.

Hawaiian word:
Kohana: naked, bare, alone

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Beach Walk 736R – Rox Travel Tips

This is a rerun, requested by longtime viewer and part-time Hawaii resident Dan B. Wow, does anyone remember flying back when the flights were not oversold? This was filmed at 35,000′.

I made it through security with my one-way ticket hassle-free! Now for some on board insider travel tips! Watch this video to learn how to get a more comfortable seat and how to avoid being exposed to all those flu germs that are concentrated inside airplanes! Thanks again to my friend Matt who helped film this episode. Now with swine flu, this episode is relevant all over again.

Previously aired as Beach Walk 219 and Beach Walk 368R. (In case you want to see earlier comments.)

Foti Filter Masks

Hawaiian word:
Olu: _comfort_

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Beach Walk 732 – The Stress of New Things

I love reiterating some of our recurring human experiences with the goal of going easier on ourselves. This episode is a reminder of how stressful it can sometimes be to learn new things, as in the case of my nephew Tyler who is learning to drive. Remember that the brain and quite possibly also the physical circuitry is at work learning new patterns. To realize that some old patterns may be in the process of expanding or being dismantled. And to go slower rather than faster. To repeat as often as needed. To expect delays and lurches forward too!

Links Mentioned:
Hawaii Chapter of the Social Media Club
Hawaii Book & Music Festival

Hawaiian word:
Hou: new

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Beach Walk 721R – Green Exercise

This episode is on the added mental health benefits of exercising outdoors, in the beauty of nature. I can attest to its success! And so can Dave Murr, who wrote about Nature, the Best Natural Antidepressant.

Hawaiian Word:
Hoʻo Ikaika Kino; exercise (to make a strong body)

Note from Roxanne: Regular viewers know I have been offline most of December, helping my Mom and Dad who are facing my Dad’s likely final stages with cancer. I am getting some energy and time opening up, but the weather here has been rainy so we are going to share some earlier episodes with you until I get back on my feet. Thanks for your patience and remember, we do this completely free for nearly three years. Much as I love you, our viewers, and Beach Walks, we’ve just run out of extra time for a little while.

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Beach Walk 715 – Life is not so linear pt 2

A good example of the non-linear-ness of the process of change is Dr. James Prochaska’s, Stages of Change Theory. He describes 5 stages of “change readiness” – each of which is responsive to certain processes or approaches. People who successfully change a behavior, will not usually progress through the stages in a straight line, but more in a spiral, relapsing some and then moving forward again.

Hawaiian Word:
period of time

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