Beach Walk 773 – The Currency of Happiness

What makes you happy? Is that an abstract thing that comes before or after you have money? Not only do we get to choose what makes us happy, I would say it is our duty to know, and then make it so!

Can you tell I am going for extreme brevity recently? I am conscious of the time-stress factor – heaven knows I have been grappling with that one for years! Now though, I realize that the energy can transmit as much or more than the actual words. So I intend to embed a quality of experience in these episodes, and to merely suggest a line of thought, a direction of feeling, so we can each carry it forward to the degree we wish. PLUS, we can have a more detailed discussion here or on Facebook!

Of course the silent messenger is that you must have money to have happiness. Or that you must choose between the two. Isn’t it crazy how we humans can concoct so many strong yet conflicting imperatives? To me, it is all just currency. The main point is to know what makes each of us happy! Because that is the energy that attracts all kinds of other good stuff to us, and generates all kinds of good outflows from us too. My friend Sylvia recently wrote a blog post, Happiness is Good for Your Website. She took a delightful and no-nonsense approach to the business basis for this, and the article itself literally bubbles over, for me, with the energy of happiness!

As I share the ever-developing “Beach Walks Philosophy,” one of the key goals is to unplug from so many old, rote beliefs that in fact rob us of being happy in the here and now of 2012. I lived under the shadow of that money is evil thing for decades until I realized everything simply has the energy I give it.

Hawaiian Word:
Hauʻoli: happy

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photo of Rox and Lexi on Beach Walk 773 - The Currency of Happiness

Beach Walk 716 – Volunteering to Vocation

More and more brave souls are leaving their “known worlds” for life as an adventure, the kind without a job for a safety net. Decades ago the book appeared, Do What You Love and The Money Will Follow that really knocked loose some hard-formed notions. Still, only one generation has grown up with that message, so it has barely made a dent in our global consciousness. Some people are using volunteering as a step in that direction. Such is the story of my friend BJ Wishinsky who is now at Anita Borg Institute and also Joe Philipson the photographer who is helping to define a whole new sector: social media photographer.

I’d also to thank the many volunteers who helped on Podcamp Hawaii. Judi Clark was both the WordCamp wrangler and the one who helped me track and acknowledge the many volunteers on that event. Kyle Nishioka was the tech and venue manage and did a wonderful job working with our many vendors. Shane Robinson aka Secret Cameraman built the website and set up all of the live streaming, plus created a very cool desktop application that allowed attendees to fill out evaluations on the spot while watching the live stream or following the Twitter stream!

Update: Twitter friend @carakitty also got a job at a Vet office after volunteering at the animal shelter.

Hawaiian Word:
ʻAʻa; volunteer

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Beach Walk 702 – Brain Economics

I discovered the McKinsey, the consulting firm, now releases some of their white papers as podcasts. I like the somewhat formal, research-driven, unemotional yet yet not cold-hearted or partisan perspectives. The one on Hidden Flaws in Strategy I found insightful, as it included several practical examples of how we become vulnerable to the emotional filters that can be applied to decision making. How true that what we own, often appears to be more valuable to us, than it is to others. “Like new” does not equal “used.” Things like this are not a problem once we realize the underlying and built-in biases we have.

Hawaiian Word:
Hoʻopaʻewa: to distort

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Beach Walk 689 – Making Money?

I read a study showing that people who were paid to do a task over time lost interest in the task.

It’s easy to generalize about money from that, but also in play is the idea of external motivation vs. internal motivation. Some people love money and are highly motivated to get more of it. (You can find them on Wall Street, LOL.) Others, not so much. What about you, do you like money?

Hawaiian Word:
Kālā: money

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Beach Walk #126 – Money, Part 2

More on the money thing; in particular the confusion around religion and money.

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h3. About Today’s Show

I wasn’t done talking about money – jeez, there is so much juice in that topic! I think one of the things that makes it so confusing is the conflict created when most major religions preach poverty as the path to heaven, meanwhile the temptation to acquire is so strong. What’s a caring person to do?

I do not believe money is good or bad in and of itself. I do wish it were spread around more equitably. I loved the Ben and Jerry’s original plan whereby no one at the company made more that five times the lowest paid person. That’s radical! You know times are changing when my dad even agrees that some CEO’s are way overpaid, especially those whose pay goes up when the stock goes down.

Hawaiian words
Kālā: money

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