Beach Walk 697 – Negotiation Secrets

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I’ve been putting on this large Free event, Podcamp + Wordcamp Hawaii and we have had many sponsorship opportunities. It’s been a great learning opportunity for me in noticing why some deals work better than others. Hint: understanding your true authority.

Hawaiian Word:
Kūkākūkā: _negotiate (discuss, confer)_

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Beach Walk 623 – Solving Problems Side by Side

If you watch this show regularly, you know that I like teasing apart the little nuances and discrepancies in how we use words, the language.

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It packs so much subtle energy, and that energy can actually interfere with the pursuit of happiness IMO. One example is the difference between _compromise_ and _negotiation_. In compromise, it looks like two people facing (off) against each other, with the problem in the middle. Both people typically feel like they have to give up something in order to solve the problem in the middle, to save the relationship, which is also in the middle. In negotiation, people can sit side by side and face the problem/relationship together, looking to see how much of a win each can gain from creative problem-solving. Negotiation is deliciously devoid of tit for tat energy.

Hawaiian word:
Lanakila: _win, triumph_

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